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Magic Eyes is one of our favourite companies when it comes to crazy, innovative concepts. They definitely aren't afraid to deviate from plain Onaholes. Want a monster girl? A girl with her butt stuck in a wall? A virgin with a hymen who bleeds when you fuck her for the first time? Magic Eyes has you covered.

But the first thing you will notice when you have a Magic Eyes product in your hand is the excellent packaging. The beautifully designed boxes all have their own theme, and the illustrations on every side of the box are made to match - some even have a small comic on the side that tells the story behind the onahole. Most of the boxes feature beautiful product pictures as well, showing the outside of the product and as a cut-through view of the inside.

Gorgeous though the box designs may be, the real pleasure is on the inside, of course. Magic Eyes Onaholes definitely don't dissapoint! Most of their masturbators have dual-layer designs, where the outside feels like smooth, soft skin and the outside is a little sturdier so it can provide a lot of stimulation when you slide inside. They offer a large variety of tunnels in their masturbators and there will definitely be something to suit your needs.

Magic Eyes also offers some good extras for your onaholes. They offer different kinds of lubricant of different thicknesses and even one which mimicks saliva! Perfect for blowjob masturbators. They also have some very affordable Air Dolls which you can use to give some body to your onahole - literally!

One downside some of the MagicEyes products is that they can have quite a strong smell when you first take them out of the packaging. This smell won't stay around long, though: after a couple of washes and letting it air-dry the smell will be much less noticeable.

If you love Japanese culture, anime and manga the Magic Eyes Onaholes will definitely speak to your imagination. But even if you don't these excellent masturbators are sure to bring you a lot of pleasure with their original, innovative designs and amazing materials!

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