Love Style 48

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Love Style 48

The Love Style 48 is a full body masturbator in miniature. The box is big and looks like a fairytale. In the box there is a plastic underlay, that ensures that the Love Style 48 stats on her place and it also comes in handy to store her. Again, a very well-designed packaging from Magic Eyes.

This masturbator weighs 2.3 kg and is 26cm high. Although she is miniature, she has everything except for the head.

The arms are not stuck to the body. You can put up the arms, so she holds her little fists in front of or above her breasts. The hands are connected to each other through the thumbs.

Love Style 48 magic eyes

As you can see above, both the anal and the vaginal tunnel have a lot of detail, the detail can also be seen in the hands and feet, on the right side of this image.

The upward pointing nipples on her breasts are pink of color.

Many positions possible with the Love Style 48

The Love Style 48 is a masturbator in the “w-position”, you can use her in many different ways.

The name Love Style 48, refers to the 48 positions in the Japanese version of the Kamasutra that you can do with the Love Style 48.

So, you can hold her with the front faced towards you or lay her before you. When you lay her before you, you can hold her legs and fuck her in that way.

Love Style 48 mastubator

Of course, when you turn her around you have the doggy position, where you can fold her knees outward, so he vagina spreads open for you, or put her knees together, so she points her butt in the air.

Of course, you can also take her from the side or put her on top of your penis.


The material of the Love Style 48 feels firm, as well as the outside and the inside are not extremely soft. Of course, like every masturbator from Magic Eyes this one is also tested by the “Japan Food Research Laboratory” on the safety of the material.

The inside is covered with a red colored more stimulating layer, that takes on your penis very well.

The Love Style 48 feels pretty tight and gives a lot of stimulation.

Vaginal Tunnel:

When you go into the vagina you feel a big bump at the bottom side of the tunnel

Magic Eyes onahole

Above you see the entrance of the vagina and the bump on the bottom side of the tunnel can be seen clearly.

Afterwards you feel a narrowing followed by a twist that goes up and down in a sharp turn, this feels a bit like a block on the upper side of the tunnel.

tunnels Love Style 48

The last part of is covered with little nubs, the total tunnel is 14 cm.

Anal tunnel

The anal tunnel is 7 cm deep and therefore is very small to penetrate. It is possible, but you can also put in a vibrating bullet, for extra sensation.    


The cleaning of the Love Style 48 goes as follows:

cleaning a fake pussy

1) Rinse out the Love Style 48 with water. And let the water leak out.
2) Take a cotton cloth or a handkerchief.
3) Put the cloth on a blunt stick (for example a pencil, as shown in the drawing).

Let the cloth absorb the water into it for about 10 minutes, so the onahole becomes dry on the inside.

Repeat this process again with a dry part of the cloth.
4) If necessary, use some talcum powder or corn starch to dry up the onahole even more, however in the most cases this is unnecessary.


Dimensions: 15cm x 19cm x 26cm 
Weight: 2,3kg

Love Style 48 mastubator

Torso/body masturbator 
Vaginal and anal tunnel 
Sample of 15ml lubricant delivered along

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