Big Lolinco Virgo

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Big Lolinco Virgo

The popular Sujiman Kupa Lolinco has a sister!  The brand new Sujiman Kupa Big Lolinco Virgo is bigger and better. We have called her the Big Lolinco.

As usual with Magic Eyes, the packaging is the first thing to enjoy. The Japanese certificate of declaration of marriage that is printed on the inside of the box makes the Big Lolinco Virgo a real collector's item.

For those proud owners of the first Lolinco, this is a great upgrade at excellent value. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the Sujiman Kupa series, the first thing to explain is the name, which refers to the pronounced labia. “Sujiman Kupa” stands for "camel toe”. The large lips of the artificial pussies in this series form a camel toe. Once opened, a detailed vaginal tunnel awaits you.

The Big Lolinco is twice as heavy as her sister. It is an onahole of considerable size, and weighs 900 gram. The new tunnel is tight like a virgin.

Big Lolinco Virgo vs Kupa Lolinco

Of course, this Magic Eyes artificial vagina has been made of the purpose-developed Magic Eyes Skin with AG+ material, which has antibacterial properties.

Hybrid dual-layer structure

The Big Lolinco is a dual layered artificial vagina. The outer layer is smooth, and feels like a woman's skin, while the inner layer of the tunnel is firm and more stimulating.
Magic Eyes call it a hybrid dual-layer structure. At the entrance of the tunnel, the firmer layer is thick. As you go further inside, it gets thinner.
Towards the end of the vagina, the stimulation you experience is softer and smoother.

Big Lolinco Virgo

The start of the tunnel is equipped with a number of 'doors' that alternate with so-called lube-grooves. Each door creates the effect of a hymen, and there are a few of them!
While every hymen adds to the sensation, your penis is lubed by the alternating grooves.
The structure of the tunnel is bended, and the bend is a lot sharper than that in the original Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. 
The tunnel is covered with studs, ridges and grooves. This combination creates a lot of variation every time you thrust, and it feels very life-like.

The last door in the tunnel opens up to the cervix.  This last part feels soft and smooth. Because it is very tight, your penis is stimulated in a smooth but very effective way.

cut Big Lolinco magic eyes

To sum up, this new artificial pussy is a real sensation. You have to try the Big Lolinco! A 900 gram onahole at this price is unique. Order the Big Lolinco Virgo before stocks run out!

Big Lolinco Virgo Product Details

Weight: 900 gram
Length: 20 cm
Width: 11 cm

 - Soft Magic Eyes Skin with antibacterial properties
 - Dual layered
 - Tight virginal entrance
 - Free sample Magic Eyes lubricant comes with the Big Lolinco