La Bocca Della Verita SOFT

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La Bocca SOFT

Magic Eyes’ La Bocca Della Verita has become one of their most popular products, and if you are a fan of oral masturbators there was no getting around this one. The inviting mouth and tantalizing interior made it a real must-have! Magic Eyes is now releasing a Soft edition, which is gentler and will allow you to enjoy the great stimulation for much longer before coming to a climax.

Beautiful exterior

The new La Bocca Soft comes in all-new packaging. The beautiful pink box has rounded corners and features an angelic girl’s face. All of this emphasizes the softness and gentle sensation the masturbator will give you.
The masturbator itself is shaped identically to the original edition: an inviting mouth with clearly-defined lips and a slight smile, a small nose and the familiar “Magic Eyes” logo across the side.

Love bites

Of course the hard teeth were one of the main features of the original La Bocca, but for many these were a little too intense and kept them from enjoying the sensation fully. The La Bocca Soft still has the teeth, but they are made out of a slightly softer material. They will still give you the sensation of a real blowjob, but they won’t push and scrape nearly as much!

Oral pleasure

Magic Eyes knows perfection when they see it, and as such they did not mess with the intricate internal structure of the La Bocca. After the beautifully shaped lips and teeth you enter the mouth itself. Here, the tongue presses against you from the bottom, while the ridges of the palate envelop you from the top. For the real deep-throat experience you push past the uvula into the throat, where organic ridges stimulate you from every side, narrowing towards the back. Thanks to the closed-back design the La Bocca Soft will form a vacuum and suck on your member with every thrust.

Dual layer design means perfection inside and out.

This onahole uses two different types of material. A soft, spongey material for the outside, which feels like soft feminine skin to the touch, and a slightly firmer layer for the inside, designed to give the perfect amount of stimulation. Of course this inner layer is also pink, which looks great.
The La Bocca Soft uses a material which is a little softer than most onaholes, which also means the stimulation is a little milder. If you are very sensitive or would like to last longer before cumming, this soft edition will be perfect for you.


The La Bocca Soft is fairly easy to clean. Thoroughly rinse the onahole under the tap, then squeeze out as much water as possible. Finally, dry the insides by inserting a soft absorbent cloth and letting it sit for a couple of minutes, absorbing the last drops of water. If the toy starts feeling a little rough or sticky simply dust it with some baby powder and it will feel as good as new. The soft material and dual layer design mean that this toy should not be turned inside out to dry, as that might damage it.


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