Junketsu Puremia

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Junketsu Puremia

Magic Eyes' Junketsu Puremia is in a league of its own. Initially, the Junketsu Puremia does not look any different from regular onaholes with a vaginal and an anal entrance. 
But the tunnel is very special... see below. First, the exterior.

The Junketsu is very stable on a flat surface. Whether you'd like to take her on your desk, on the dinner table, or in your bed, the flat underside and the weight of over 2 kg make that the Junketsu remains in place.

Her bottom is nicely shaped and the material feels soft and smooth like a woman's skin, like we are used to from other Magic Eyes products.

The interior of the Junketsu Puremia is very well designed. Both the vaginal and the anal tunnel have unique features that we've never encountered before.

Juketsu Puremia

The vaginal tunnel

The Junketsu is a dual-layer artificial pussy. The exterior is soft while the interior layer is firmer, more elastic, and therefore more stimulating. 
At the start of the vaginal tunnel this layer is thicker and firmer than at the end.

At the start of the tunnel you'll feel a hymen. This part is tighter, but flexible. Just entering this section is already an intense experience. The hymen also ensures that your lube does not run out of the pussy while you are enjoying it - although this is not much of a problem with the thick lube made by Magic Eyes and Nature.

Vaginal Vacuum:

But we're not there yet! The last part of the vaginal tunnel is connected to the anal tunnel. While you are thrusting, you are pushing air out, through the anal tunnel. Because of a strong valve in the anal tunnel, the air can hardly flow back.
This ensures a strong vacuum. It creates a lot of suction that will keep you hard until you pop. Combined with the stimulating surface and the bends of the tunnel, the Junketsu Puremia creates unparalleled sensations!

Magic Eyes Junketsu tunnel

The anal tunnel

The anal tunnel of the Junketsu is equipped with a valve similar to that in the Sujiman Kupa Cocolo. The tunnels of the Cocolo meet in a u-bend, with the vacuum created by the valve.

The Junketsu tunnel is an upgrade of that of the Cocolo. The picture displays a vortex-like tunnel. 
Upon entering, you can feel a sharp bend in the tunnel. The room in the tunnel is a lot tighter. It envelops your penis better, almost to the point that it grips your Johnson tight. This creates a lot of stimulation. 
The structure has an organic design, and is covered with ridges, studs, and knobs.

The anal tunnel is equipped with a valve halfway through. 
The soft valve creates the suction in the vaginal tunnel, but also provides stimulation when you are taking the Junketsu up the bum.

At the end of the tunnel is an upright tip. This is placed exactly in the middle, so it stimulates the most sensitive part of your penis. Even more stimulation for the tip of your penis at the end of the ride. 
So many possibilities and pleasure in one product!

Product Details:

 - Weight: 2.3 kg
 - Length: 21 cm
 - Width: 21 cm

 - Flat underside
 - Voluptuous round buttocks
 - Dual layered
 - Two tunnels
 - Designed wit a hymen
 - Non-stick exterior
 - Flexible and odourless
 - Free sample of lubricant included

Junketsu Puremia packaging:

We're always pleasantly surprised by Magic Eyes' packaging. For each new product, just the box itself is worth the wait. This time, the box can be used as a pedestal. Take out the Junketsu Puremia and reinsert the plastic packaging. Put the Junketsu on top, and open the pocket on the side of the box. You'll be rewarded with the image of a young woman to help you enjoy the Junketsu Puremia even more...