Gokuatsu Lover

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Gokuatsu Lover masturbator

The Gokuatsu Lover is a masturbator in a nice packaging, like we are used to from Magic Eyes.
The theme of this Onahole is thickness. The Japanese name of the Gokuatsu Lover means "extremely thick onahole" when translated literally.
The box art of the beautifully full legs and vagina underline her name even more. She weighs 600 grams and is 17 cm long, which makes it a very suitable masturbator if you like a longer vagina.

While this masturbator is not enormously thick or big, she does feel like that around your penis! Why? We will explain further down. 

Lots of detail

Gokuatsu Lover is a cameltoe masturbator, which means that the outer labia hide the tunnel and have the shape of a cameltoe (|/).

The outside of the Gokuatsu Lover is very nicely shaped and they even included a belly button. When you pull her labia outwards slightly you can see her pink inner labia and her clitoris appear.
When you look inside the Gokuatsu Lover big nubs at the start of the vagina are very apparent.  After these nubs, you follow a part of the tunnel with stimulating ridges until you reach the entrance of the uterus. The sides of this entrance slide nicely over your penis when penetrating this onahole.

The rear part of this tunnel is a slightly tighter area and has a corkscrew pattern that pulls you in deeper and it ends in a wider part with nubs and bumps.

Gokuatsu Lover Onahole 

Gokuatsu Lover 3 different materials

A big plus and unique characteristics of the Gokuatsu Lover is that she is made of 3 layers. The outer layer is the layer that feels skin like and wraps around the masturbator.

Inside that layer, there's a material of a lighter color which is a little more elastic. You can feel this when penetrating the Gokuatsu Lover. Even though this is not a hip masturbator, the walls feel very thick!

Magic Eyes did a great job on this toy: the inner layer gives even more stimulation and is covered with the structures we mentioned earlier. 


Due to the full design and the subdivision of the tunnel, the Gokuatsu Lover gives a nice suctioning effect. This feels like as it is milking your penis, differently than the other comparable masturbators.

It is not a ‘normal vacuum’ where the air can’t escape, it is more like a suctioning effect.
You can also grab this masturbator at the top and lightly let it ‘bounce’.

In short: the Gokuatsu Lover with a length of 17 cm, 3 layers and 600 grams could become a classic!

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