Kabejiri – Wall Butttock

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Kabejiri – Wall Buttock

The Japanese brand Magic Eyes has done it again!
With the Kabejiri – Wall Buttock they have put something new and unique on the market.
This mini-hip weighs 1.2kg and is more of a hip than an onahole.
The box shows a girl that went through the wall with her buttocks. This is also the position which the Kabejiri was made for. A standing woman with her buttocks pointed backwards.
The hip has a beautiful appearance, the vagina has big labia that cover her inner labia.
Her round hips give her a good handhold.

Internal bone structure

We see more and more bones in onaholes. That is not so surprising and is the next step in an even more realistic onahole. Like in another product (the Kaitai Shinsho) a bone structure is used.
With the Kabejiri it is about pieces of pubic bone, that make the vaginal muscles feel tighter.
If you grip her hips, her vagina gets tighter.
By gripping her fleshy hips, you push the rings closer to each other. Because of the rings she feels as tight as a virgin, according to the manufacturer Magic Eyes.

Kabejiri – Wall Buttock

As you can see in the image above, you can press the side panels that are located within the hip.
In the top right of the image, you can see the foremost part of the fleshy tunnel.
The Kabejiri gives a sucking sensation, because the rear side is closed. This vacuum increases the pleasure even more. With these buttocks you will quickly come to an amazing orgasm!
The double layered vagina is stimulating and very unique.
Anal is also possible with the Kabejiri, this tunnel does not have an extra layer, but is provided with ridges.

Features Kabejiri:

- Double layered vagina
- Dimensions: 134 x 152 x 120mm
- Vaginal tunnel: 113mm
- Anal tunnel: 95mm
- Pubic bone ring
- Slightly sticky
- 1,2 kg weight
- A 15ml lube is included
The Kabejiri is a hip with two tunnels for an excellent price.

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