Nude Cup Blazer

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Nude Cup Blazer

The newest masturbation cups from Magic Eyes have a nice exterior.

The new Nude cups have a school uniform on. This school uniform of the Blazer, has a Japanese-catholic style and consists of a white shirt with ribbon and blazer. With underneath it a skirt or pants.

The second Nude Cup The Sailer, you can find on this this page. Below you see both cups pictured next to each other.
Nude Cup Blazer - Magic Eyes

When you take off the wrap she is naked.
The cup is made of plastic and the exterior have nice decorations. Thus the cup has breasts, a belly with navel and a vagina.

If you take of the cap of the Magic Eyes cup, you will find a packet with lubricant. The packaging of the lubricant has a panty as overprint, there are five different packaging which are randomly placed in the cups.

The inside of the Nude Cup

These Nude vacuum cups have a much thicker layer than the Tenga Cups. Due to this they last longer and can be used multiple times.

The tunnel of the Magic Eyes Nude Cup Blazer is also called the Real-tunnel. The sheath of a women is mimicked with this cup. At the entrance you feel nubs, followed by ridges in the middle of the tunnel. On the upside of those ridges there is a thin line with bumps that you can feel going over your penis. On the upside of the cup there is a kind of narrowing. This narrowing which is stretchable takes you into the end chamber.

How do you use the vacuum in the correct way?

The vacuum cups, have an opening on the upside. This is covered with a sticker of Magic Eyes.

That you should take of before use, so the air can flow in and out with every penetration. By keep holding the hole closed when you pull the cup up (so pulling your penis out) you create a very strong vacuum.


You can also create counter pressure by keeping the hole closed when your penis enters, don’t do this!

Due to this the air has to escape somewhere else, the air will escape at the entrance of the cup, which will create bubbles and the part which keeps the cup in its place will break. If that happens you won’t have vacuum anymore in the cup and the beginning of the inside will become looser and looser.


With normal use you can use the cup time and time again. You can just rinse it, because the inside is closed water won’t flow inside the cup. If this does happen or if you want to clean the cup thoroughly, then you can take out the inside by pulling off the ring cautiously.

The inside can then be turned inside out, washed and dried. Then you can put it back in the cup and press the ring over the round flap.

Magic Eyes and safety

Magic Eyes especially has mainly innovative products, but besides innovation this Japanese brand is also well known for the sharp prize for their detailed products.

Safety is not only important for Magic Eyes, but is highly valued with all the brands in Japan.

Magic Eyes create a laboratory report for each product they bring out on the market, with on it the results of the tests.
Safety of Magic Eyes
Magic Eyes let JFRL ( Japan Food Research Laboratories) do these tests, so you know for sure that you have a safe product and that it is not harmful for the health.

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