Nude Cup Sailer

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Nude Cup Sailer

The new vacuum cups from Magic Eyes have an exterior with a school uniform.

This Sailer cup has a wrap with a Japanese school uniform which are worn in private schools. The marine like school uniform is called Seifuku in Japan.

Here below you see two different Nude Cups next to each other, left the Blazer and right the Sailer.
Nude Cup Sailer - Magic Eyes

When you cut or rip off the wrap, you see a naked vacuum cup. This cup is decorated with breasts, vagina, belly and navel.

In the cap which is now visible, you find a small packet with a panty depicted on. Which image that is, can be different, because there are five of them.

This packet contains lubricant for in the cup.

Inside the Nude Cup Sailer

The inside of the Nude Cups from Magic Eyes are of a thicker material than the Tenga vacuum cups, you see this immediately when opening. Due to this they will last longer and can be used multiple times.

The tunnel of the Magic Eyes ‘Nude Cup Sailer’, is straight to straightforward. Thus this has less variation than the Blazer cup from Magic Eyes and gives a constant stimulation.

How do you use the vacuum cup?

On top of the cup there is a sticker with Magic Eyes on it, this should be removed. The sticker you should stick it on a euro coin to proclaim the message. The air can now flow in and out of the cup when you penetrate it. If you pull up the cup and keep the hole closed, you create a strong vacuum.

You can play a little bit with this vacuum. But beware: don’t keep the hole closed when you insert the penis. Air bubbles will arise at the beginning of the cup. The edge will loosen and the cup won’t have vacuum anymore.


With normal use you can use the cup multiple times. The rinsing goes very easily. Do you want to clean the cup thoroughly, then you take out the ring at the beginning of the cup. This ring keeps the inside in its place and ensures that the air only goes in and out of the vacuum hole on the upside of the cup.

Then take out the inside out of the cup and you can turn it inside out, to clean both sides well. If the inside is dry, you put it back in the cup and you fold the flap over the edge. Then you press the ring over it and the cup is as good as new.

Safety of Magic Eyes

In Japan, partly due to the big competition in masturbation toys, safety is very high on the agenda. Thus also the popular brand Magic Eyes, who developed and manufactured these cups.
Safety of Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes makes a laboratory report of tests which were done with the product.

We are talking about tests by the JFRL (Japan Food Research Laboratories), these rigorous tests show that the Magic Eyes products are safe for humans and animals for health.

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