My Neighbor Girl

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Who doesn’t want a hot neighbour… one that can give you intense pleasure whenever you need ?

Well.. ToysHeart is once again fulfilling you’re wishes. The My Neighbor girl Onahole comes in a box with a super nice Neighbor Girl on it :)

Once you open the box you will find the My Neighbor Girl Onahole and a packet of lube.

After you apply the lube to the Onahole you can enjoy a spiralling tunnel which provides intense stimulation. After the spirals there is the end chamber… this end chamber makes the vacuum in this Onahole super strong and it will literarily “suck you in”!

My Neighbor Girl Onahole Tunnel

The My Neighbor Girl Onahole is made from a new material called Pure Skin. Which is almost odorless, so you wont be distracted by any bad smells :) The material is quite tight without losing it’s elasticity so it’s able to stretch.

My Neighbor Girl Onahole is Made in Japan en 100% Phthalate free, so you can relax and enjoy the product knowing it’s high quality and super safe to use.

You can clean the My Neighbor Girl Onahole by turning it inside out. Rinsing it out with water and letting it dry afterwards.

Weight: 230g
Material: Pure Skin (TPE)
Length: 15,5cm
Width: 5,5cm
Tunnel length: 13,5cm
Made in Japan

So… now you know what hides behind this cute box… a great Onahole which is high quality and you will definitely enjoy. Thankfully ToysHeart made the My Neighbor Girl affordable so it wont break the bank :)

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