The Mouth of Truth Pelolin Japan Magic eyes

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It seems that the tongue popped out as it flew away.
Weight is about 436 g.
It is a main body engraved a large logo of familiar Magic Eyes every time.
Slightly soft, almost no odor, oil - like moderate ~ modestly material is used.Regards Hello, it's a cute tongue popping out, but since I've been seeing so much death that my tongue has come out, this is not enough to say that I can not say it.
The tongue is out ... It certainly appears, but it seems that there is no new element as well.Perhaps it is a pattern of "Because there are no new gimmicks in transcending every time because it is a magic eye"!
What seems a little interesting is that it has a constricted structure with another hole in the back of the mouth.Of course the inside has a two-layer structure, and it is characteristic of a big tongue curved gently.
I did not see anything in the images so far, but this time it is also structured with tooth embedded tightly as a mouth series of truth.
After all, the part of the constriction earlier became an independent gimmick "Vacuum tightening". Yeah, well, what do you mean?
Normal good
It is strong impression like a good onaho with no disorder without any discrepancy as much as it wants to say it easily.
The feeling of internal insertion is soft and soft feeling, but the feeling of close contact has become slightly higher due to the caliber of the vacuum or hole, and at the same time the decorative wall like rippling stimulates the glans with rhythm so moderately It is balanced to the extent of irritation.


The feeling that upper teeth are crisp and sticking rods is similar to "Mouth mouth guy in truth", but the tongue sticking out tongue sticks out that the teeth of the tongue are totally crisp and costly It does not mean that the tongue moves with the lick, so it seems to be only a hindrance to the gimmick of the tooth.
The part which is named "Vacuum flap tightening" is not such a strong structure that you can taste stimulus every time you enter and exit with Zuponzupon like the structure of the uterus system, but it is good enough to enjoy the stimulation that goes in and out with Kukokubo for the time being It seems to be an accent of stimulation.
As there is a part that is caught in the back part also, it is possible to enjoy the change of the stimulus even if it sticks to the back so that the part of the pole tending to get rid of it will hit the tooth crisp and the whole penis It is like an insertion feeling that you can enjoy onaho at it.
By the way, I wonder how much this tooth is bringing a change in the sense of insertion. I thought that once I stroked the part of the tooth with a finger, the fun of the thing fancy exquisitely felt in the sense of insertion, seems to work properly as stimulation accent rather than blowjob Right.
I feel comfortable, but if I say it in blowjob, there is almost no insertion feeling and I feel like I'm not functioning properly again After all, considering a tongue gimmick, I can not afford ★ 5 and say ★ 3 It is not a safe insertion feeling to put on ... so it's perhaps an evaluation that ★ 4 is the most comfortable in terms of recommendation degree.

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