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Damn, I like Japanese schoolgirl uniforms.

Hello everyone and welcome back for a new review of a Japanese sex toy, actually an onahole made in collaboration between RIDE Japan and Magic Eyes: Chibiman !

Collaborations between onahole makers happen sometimes, and Magic Eyes has indeed made some over the years. Although in the case of Chibiman, their “signature” is rather subtle. Perhaps inner design and manufacturing ? Because as material and packaging illustration goes, it’s RIDE Japan’s signature

More into details !


For illustration, they chose a cute young schoolgirl with twintails, squatting on stairs/steps, her pleated skirt conveniently concealing whether she’s wearing panties, and color thereof. And this viewing angle seems somewhat embarrassing to her.

I’m gonna pinch the cheek of whoever uploaded this picture on the Amazon page, because it’s riddled with compression losses and colors are saturated. Anyway, enjoy my scans !

Better yet: Magic Eyes does share some much better visuals on their website.

High resolution, please enjoy!


Upon opening the box, you’ll find:

The onahole in a plastic wrap, and a 15mL bag of lube from Magic Eyes.

Now, the few last times I reviewed a Magic Eyes onahole, the included lube always came out as a “jelly”, about the thickness of pudding, which made it totally unusable as-is.

But not this time: the lube came out fluid enough and didn’t need to be mixed with water. That’s good news Because when there’s not this issue, the lube is okay-grade performance.

Since the idea is to be able to use the toy right away after buying at the nearest internet café, the lube proves useful and there’s enough for about 3 refills/uses.


I guess that’s where one easily understands the name of the onahole

  • chibi → small
  • man → manko → vulva

As far as “pocket pussy” goes, Chibiman ticks the checkbox. 140mm in length, 68mm in width, for a total weight of 250g and hole-depth of 120mm.

Of course it can stretch a lot to accommodate any penis size, but not without affecting internal structures or possibly ripping apart eventually.

The nicely shaped entrance retains lube and allows easy penetration.

However something the new owner will notice upon opening is the smell. It has some significant one, and it will take some times and a few washes to fade away mostly.


The interior of Chibiman starts off with bumps located around the entrance, followed by  ribbed slopes who spiral a bit the further you go in, leading to a tightening ring, and finally the bottom chamber covered in rather smooth bumps.

Now the slopes can really be felt, slightly sliding around the penis head, a snug and comfy feeling. This part simply does wonders if you keep it a shallow penetration, and can also help if your fantasy is about feeling a soft tongue stroking your dick.

Further in, it becomes less interesting. The tightening ring is fun to slide through at the begin, but just proves cumbersome when you’re getting closer and stroke faster. And poking at the bottom chamber? meh. If you get the lube amount wrong, you’ll just drown your penis head in there and hardly feel anything special.

Not mind-blowing, to say the least.


The good thing with small onaholes is that there’s really no trouble at all turning them inside-out to wash away the evidence of your masturbatory deeds, and soap it up nice and well.

Rinse well, pat it dry, turn it back in it’s initial shape, and let it dry in the air for some time. Use a breathing bag to store it away, and as usual don’t expose it to direct sunlight.

For extra smoothness on the touch of it’s surface, you can sprinkle some baby powder or corn starch on it. Without it, the surface is rather sticky.


Chibiman does not invalidate standards of the onahole industry, but I remain hopeful collaborations between makers like in this case RIDE Japan + Magic Eyes will bring us wacky new stuff in the near future.

Chibiman’s box illustration doesn’t scream “SEXTOY” that much to the layman’s eye although it remains lewd enough to consider storing it in a private space. Cute schoolgirl.

I remained somewhat thirsty for more from my fap sessions with Chibiman, they got the first half pretty well but there should be some design compatible with the small size that makes the second half more noteworthy. We’re kinda hitting the limits of what’s possible in this design.

Lastly, on price: hovering at $69.95, it’s .. yeah okay, good enough to top up a parcel for airmail.

RIDE Japan, Magic Eyes, I’d like to see you collaborate on a more ambitious product

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