Mach-Stroker Neo Automated Masturbation Machine

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The future is truly here, with the MACH-STROKER NEO automated masturbation machine, a device which is a multispeed vibrating masturbator toy, which actually does the work for you the onahole itself is a well-built realistic looking toy with many bumps inside to provide pleasure. There are two ways to play: turn on the vibration unit in the front, which will cause strong vibration throughout the device, then click on the stroke function, which actually masturbates the inner arm back and forth. There's a separate control panel which holds the batteries (type C, four of them), and allows for separate control speed for each function. This awesome masturbation machine is great not just for normal guys who want a new experience, but for anyone who is disabled, not able to make the proper motions themselves. Lubricant and batteries are included.

The total length: 210mm.
The materials: PVC(polyvinyl chloride), Latex.
This product is an onahole with an electric vibrator.
The product has a function of which a ring that is around its internal tube, goes up and down automatically.
The product is an non-penetration, closed-end type.
A mini lubricant and four C batteries are included.

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