Natural Fera Nodowa Jime

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Natural Fera Nodowa Jime

Ride Japan made their debut in Australia on Dark Knight back in 2013 with Anal Wife Beyond and Trick Girl with favorable reviews from users. Since that time, they've steadily release an assortment of popular sleeve and had great collaborations with Magic Eyes. Now they're back on Dark knight for Summer 2017 with their first oral sleeve called Natural Fera Nodowa Jime.

The Natural Fera Nodowa Jime name is a mix of Japanese and English that can be translated as Natural Fellatio Throat Squeeze which perfectly describe the sleeve's design. The overall structure of the sleeve is an oral sleeve with some texture modification for stimulation. The front of the sleeve is a scaled down nose and mouth structure. Open the mouth to find a tongue structure with rounded ribs for roof and side of the mouth cavity. Past the tongue to find the rib covered uvula for stimulation. The throat structure has a triangular hole opening with micro rib textures for a tight sensation. At the end of the tunnel are multiple rounded nub structures to continue the tight sensation.

Ride Japan use their signature Bungee Touch material for making Natural Fera Nodowa Jime. Bungee Touch material is the same material used in their other items on ToyDemon like Anal Sensei, the WAZ series, and Nurse's CQ Insert. Bungee Touch is very soft, stretchy, more durable, and safe. Made in Japan of high quality material, Natural Fera Nodowa Jime is a welcomed addition to Ride Japan's offerings and another great choice for oral offering.

*Use only water-based lotion or lube with this product.

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