3D Unreal lady Body Sex Doll Japan Made by Magic eyes

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Magic Eyes is one of our favourite companies when it comes to crazy, innovative concepts. They definitely aren't afraid to deviate from plain Onaholes. Want a monster girl? A girl with her butt stuck in a wall? A virgin with a hymen who bleeds when you fuck her for the first time? Magic Eyes has you covered.


Unreal Lady

Sometimes something looks so good you can barely believe your eyes... But we promise you, the Unreal Lady is very much real! This curvaceous mini-torso doesn't just have curves in all the right places, she also has a detailed pussy and a very well-made vaginal tunnel that will bring you pleasure again and again. Read on to learn more about this mini-torso from Magic Eyes!

Stunning curves

The box features art of a beautiful curvy woman with tan skin and light brown hair getting undressed. If you want to see what’s under that sexy black lingerie you’ll have to open the box…

And when you open the box, you definitely won’t be disappointed. This mini torso has an incredible body, with large, perky breasts, realistic nipples and a very detailed pussy. It doesn’t just look realistic, it also feels great thanks to MagicEyes’ famous UnREALSkin TPE material. This material is stretchy and soft but still holds its shape well.

The Unreal Lady weighs about 940 grams and measures 23x11x15 centimeters, which makes it suitable for both single and dual handed use, but you’ll need both hands to really appreciate these curves!

If you want a full torso but don’t have the money or storage space for it the Unreal Lady is a great pick! While she isn’t as large as a real woman, the great shape will still allow you to experience some realism.

Realistic inside

Magic Eyes designed this sex doll with realism in mind, and that goes beyond the outside. The Unreal lady has realistic labia, including a clitoral hood, and when you spread them apart with your fingers you’ll see the enticing pink lining. The dual layer design allows Magic Eyes to make this masturbator even more realistic: the outside layer feels like soft skin, while the pink inner layer is a bit more resilient and stimulating.

The tunnel itself starts with a nice tight entrance. What follows is an amazing, slightly curving tunnel lined with layers and layers of ridges, tightening and widening around you just like a real pussy. Just past the entrance you’ll find a 3D G-Spot which gives some great stimulation every time you slide past it. At the very end there’s a small cervix, which “kisses” the tip of your dick when you’re all the way inside.


Thanks to the Unreal Lady’s substantial size and thick walls you can get some great suction with this masturbator! Squeeze out all air before you penetrate her and you’ll feel her sucking you back in with every stroke. This works especially well if you use a thicker lubricant.


After use, thoroughly rinse the Unreal Lady under the tap, making sure to wash all the lube and fluids away. Then, dry the sex doll’s tunnel thoroughly. There are a couple of ways to do this: you can insert a clean drying cloth of use a special drying stick, for example.

Optionally, you can dust some maintenance powder over the outside to restore the outer layer. If you don’t do this, the TPE material will become sticky after a while, which feels unpleasant and causes dust and hair to stick to it more easily.


Length: 23 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 11 cm
Penetration length: 15 cm
Weight: 940 grams
Material: Magic Eyes Unreal Skin TPE
Includes free lotion sample
Dual Layer product

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