La vie en roses crystal hard, japan onahole, pussy vagina masturbator, magic eyes
  • La vie en roses crystal hard, japan onahole, pussy vagina masturbator, magic eyes

La Vie en Roses Crystal HARD - Japan by Magci eyes

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Magic Eyes is one of our favourite companies when it comes to crazy, innovative concepts. They definitely aren't afraid to deviate from plain Onaholes. Want a monster girl? A girl with her butt stuck in a wall? A virgin with a hymen who bleeds when you fuck her for the first time? Magic Eyes has you covered.


La Vie en Roses Crystal HARD

This lady saved herself for her wedding night… And tonight is the night! Magic Eyes’ new Crystaledition of the La Vie en Roses is tight and stimulating, making it easy to imagine you’re fucking a virgin… Time and time again!

Crystalline Mini Torso

Magic Eyes’ new Crystal material doesn’t just feel great, it also looks stunning. This masturbator looks almost like it’s been sculpted from glass, but still feels pleasant and soft to the touch. On the inside you can see the two other types of material used: red for the pussy and pink for the anal tunnel. Each material gives a subtly different stimulation.

Every time you thrust inside you’ll see the tunnels bulge out as you push in, which is a very unique experience.

Hybrid tunnels

The pussy starts with the La Vie en Roses’ famous large labia, shaped like rose petals. These large labia will glide past you with every movement and provide a little extra resistance. Contrary to what some believe, the size of the labia has nothing to do with how sexually active a lady is. The tunnel itself starts wide, for an easy entrance, but narrows down immediately as the G-Spot presses you down. The entire tunnel is lined with ridges and nubs, curving up and back down before changing to a series of stimulating ridges. Just after this point it merges with the anal tunnel.

The anal tunnel starts with an incredibly tight entrance. The tunnel that follows isn’t only lined with ridges but also widens and tightens repeatedly, just like a real ass.

Just beyond the midway point the two tunnels merge together into a spiralling tunnel full of nubs and ridges. The small end chamber has a nub that rubs right over the head of your dick.

Thanks to the Crystal Skin outer layer the tunnel feels very tight, squeezing you as you slide inside. The inner layer is a little softer do the stimulating structure doesn’t become too rough. Thanks to this combination of materials the La Vie en Roses Crystal Hard might be one of the best virgin sex doll available!

Switch between tunnels

Few sex doll of this size have two fully-fledged tunnels, but Magic Eyes has managed it. You can pick one tunnel or the other, but a very fun way to enjoy the La Vie en Roses Crystal Hard it to start in one tunnel, build up until you’re near climax, and then switch to the other. By doing this you can keep yourself on the edge, lasting longer and building up to a more intense climax.


Cleaning is never the most fun part of using an sex doll, but it’s essential if you want to keep using it again and again. Thankfully Magic Eyes’ design is fairly easy to clean. Rinse the La Vie en Roses Crystal Hard out thoroughly under the tap, paying special attention to the hybrid tunnel segment. After this dry it well, using either an absorbent cloth or a special drying stick.

In Short

This sex doll might only be 700 grams, but it has two very different tunnels inside, and the new Crystal material makes it feel virginally tight every time. The unique look and amazing stimulation make this a toy you shouldn’t pass on if you like things to be tight!


Sex doll height: 17 cm
Sex doll width: 11 cm
Sex doll depth: 8.5 cm
Made by Magic Eyes
Comes with a free lotion sample

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