Kaitai Shinsho

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Kaitai Shinsho 

Magic Eyes are breaking ground in the sex toy industry. We have been selling artificial vaginas since 2008, but this is a real novelty!

We proudly present the first artificial vagina with internal bone structure.  

No dual layer, but quadruple!

Magic Eyes have designed the Kaitai Shinsho after the anatomy of a young woman. But they did not stop at making just an artificial vagina: this is a smooth masturbator designed as a full size female torso.

A striking feature is the internal bone structure.  Because of the artificial skeleton, this onahole retains its beautiful shape. The bone structure is very detailed and contains ribs, a spine, a hip bone, and even a pubic bone.

Magic Eyes have used what they call the 'Quattro Structure', indicating the use of four different types of material.

The exterior is made of a soft and smooth material that feels like the skin of a lovely young woman. The bone structure is harder yet flexible. The interior is made of a stimulating material in combination with a soft gel.

Kaitai Shinsho vagina

The voluptuous breasts and the onset of the legs contribute to the realistic look, and create a soft and springy effect when you are enjoying the Kaitai.

Kaitai Shinsho - an extremely strong vacuum:

The tunnel is slightly bent, with a narrow pink entrance. The interior membranes and the texture with studs and ridges cause gorgeous stimulations.

Kaitai Shinsho size

The Kaitai Shinsho comes with a small coin that can be inserted in the back. This will create an extremely strong vacuum, like we have never experienced before with larger artificial vaginas.

 Kaitai Shinsho inside

The counter-pressure and suction power that are generated enhance the stimulation significantly! 
Also, this artificial vagina can be penetrated by thrusting your hips. You don't need to move it up and down, making it a very realistic and delightful experience.

Kaitai Shinsho plate

You can also enjoy it without the coin and the vacuum.

This system makes the Kaitai much easier to clean than other vaginas that are closed off.

The Kaitai Shinsho provides you with pleasure and comfort.

Cleaning the Kaitai Shinsho:

Cleaning is much easier than with other onaholes. Because the back is open, you can simply rinse the interior with water. By running your fingers along the interior wall at the same time the Kaitai will be cleaned well.

It takes a little more effort to dry the Kaitai. Because of the bone structure, you cannot simply wrap a towel around your finger. This may damage the interior structure.
It is better to wrap a microfiber cloth around a thin rod. You could straighten a clothes hanger and wrap a microfiber cloth around it.
Insert it in the vagina and carefully push it through, so that you can extract it from the other side. Do this slowly, so that the cloth can absorb the moist and the rod does not damage the interior.
Take your time for drying the Kaitai Shinsho, and it will last a long time.


Demension Kaitai Shinsho

Length: 270 mm
Width (front): 103-165 mm
Width (side): 110 mm Chest size: 420 mm
Waist size: 290 mm
Hip size: 440 mm 
Weight: 2kg

We are really impressed with the Kaitai Shinsho; it is an amazingly realistic artificial vagina. The internal bone structure helps to retain its attractive shape when in use. This fantastic toy has the following features:

Kaitai Shinsho Features:

- Weight 2 kg
- Quadruple layered material
- Internal bone structure
- Can stand up straight
- Alternate between a strong vacuum and a less intense open tunnel
- Soft and smooth skin
- Flexible
- Firm breasts and bottom
- Narrow entrance
- Easy to clean
- Unique design with many details
- Lubricant included
- Poster included
- Powder for maintenance included

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270 mm
103-165 mm