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Since we introduced Magic Eyes in Europe, their fan base is growing steadily.

And now they launch another first! A truly virginal masturbator called "Maiden", after the fictional torture device the 'iron maiden'.  This was supposed to be an iron cabinet with insides covered with spikes, in which a human could be enclosed. And although it emerges in many stories, there are no reliable historical accounts of it being used as a torture device. 

Magic Eyes gave their own twist to this story.
The packaging looks like a female figure in an iron cabinet. And before using her for the first time the Maiden needs to be pierced through, after which she will bleed.

But here stops the comparison with the sinister iron maiden. Let's focus on the pleasure brought by this Maiden!

Maiden vagina

The exterior has the shape of a female figure. The material is smooth, soft, and odourless, like we are used to from Magic Eyes products. It is quite a small and lightweight artificial vagina.

Onahole with hymen and blood?

Magic Eyes' Maiden has a real hymen and will bleed a red lubricant.

Her opening is virginal and closed off. Before using the Maiden for the first time, you need to pierce it through. Be careful with your clothes; she will bleed a red lubricant.

The Maiden is immediately ready to use, thanks to the lubricant that is already applied inside.

The Maiden's dual layer interior:

You can only use the Maiden after piercing it through. Be careful, because the red lubricant may bleed on your clothing. 

Maiden tunnel

The tunnel is fairly straight, with a slight bend at the start. The Maiden's interior has various flesh-like structures. Just before the middle of the tunnel you find the most stimulating zone. The combination of ribs, ridges, and studs create a wonderful sensation.

This G-spot is a hotbed of ridges and grooves, followed by a straight tunnel. Overall it provides excellent stimulation.

Tunnel Mai-den magic eyes

The tunnel goes all the way to the end of the Maiden artificial vagina. Because the end is not thick, you could create a masturbator sleeve by piercing this side open too. Of course, you will lose the vacuum this way.
You will be able to sustain for longer when you open up the neck-end, but doing this will void the warranty.  

Magic Eyes Maiden artificial vagina features:

- Dual layer
- 3D textured interior
- Vacuum
- Magic Eyes products are made of material that is odourless and not sticky
- Unique design with hymen
- Comes with special red lubricant already applied inside

Dimensions: 158 x 77 x 60 mm
-  Weight: 310 g

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