Disgraceful Oppai Body - Breast Milk Fetish Onahole

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Disgraceful Oppai Body - Paizuri Breast Milk Fetish Onahole

Magic Eyes is a company that keeps getting a larger crowd of fans. Their onaholes usually distinguish themselves from the bulk. Through remarkable characteristics or special (fetish) themes.


The nurse on the packaging is named Ekko Fukita, she wants to do her job seriously. The big G-cup breasts which she is proud of, will leak when she is getting aroused. She got this quality from her mother. (According to the Japanese text on the packaging)

A special theme - Erotic lactation:

The act of breastfeeding an adult is called erotic lactation. Although for many men the nipples play a big part during sex, there seems to be a taboo on breastfeeding with erotic intentions.
Still the fetish is more common than you would think. Therefore Magic Eyes has made a beautiful product for this.
The Disgraceful Oppai Body looks like a medium sized onahole with nice breasts on it. But these G-cup breasts include canals that end in the nipples. If you press this onahole, air and lube will come out of the nipples. Also during use you will see milky fluid come out, that give the breast a glossy appearance.
There is special lube available here that has a white color, a must have for all the breast milk fetishists. There are also women that get sexually aroused by breastfeeding, hormones are being released that are also releases during an orgasm.

Disgracefull Oppai Body

The word Paizuri is the Japanese word for sex between the breasts, even though this appears the name of the product the Disgraceful Oppai Body is a bit too small for that. The Japanese name of this product is the Yarashii Oppai.

Disgraceful Oppai Body vagina

Enough about the breasts, let’s talk about the vagina of this special onahole.

The entrance has the famous camel-toe (|/) labia, where the outer labia cover the inner ones. When you pull aside the outer labia, a red tunnel appears. The tunnel is made of a firmer material that gives more stimulation than the material which the outside is made of. Despite the tunnel not having lots of studs, ridges and bumps, it still gives better than average pleasure. In comparison to the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco or the Sujiman Kupa Rina, the Disgraceful Oppai Body is somewhat mild.

 Disgraceful Oppai Body

The tunnel in the Disgraceful Oppai Body is a triple spiral form, this does not give an enormous amount of stimulation, but it feels delightful. The lube will be pushed up, so her breasts start to leak milk during use. This onahole makes a bit more ‘mess’ than most of the other onaholes, due to the dripping breasts.
This is why we recommend you to order the Rends Ona Apron along with it.
The tunnel has a total length of 14cm. the total length of this onahole is 163mm.


The cleaning of the Disgraceful Oppai body is a bit easier than the average onahole. Because the tunnel is straight, you can get the water out easier after the flushing.
Drying due to this is also faster and easier. With a thin microfiber cloth or a cloth handkerchief you can easily dry the inside.

Features Disgraceful Oppai Body:

Weight: 620 gram
Length: 16,3cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 8,6 cm
Almost scentless

As usual with Magic eyes there is a small bag of 15ml lube included with the product. If you want to have the full experience of this product we recommend you to order the ‘Milk Lotion’ along with the Disgraceful Oppai Body.

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