Ai Mashiro Japanese Blow-up Doll

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Ai Mashiro Japanese Blow-up Doll

There are many ways to add realism to your onaholes, but size is perhaps the most important one! Having something to grab onto and look at makes every onahole feel even better. Ai Mashiro sits with her legs to the side, making her perfect to use in cowgirl. Have her sit on top of you and grab her hips, breasts and ass!

Dress her up - or undress her!

Thanks to Ai Mashiro’s real-life size she can wear regular clothing in size S or M. Measuring 75-57-88 (bust-waist-hip) she has a sexy hourglass figure, with a full D cup. Whether you make her wear lingerie, a schoolgirl uniform, or a winter jumper with nothing but panties underneath, it all looks good on her.

Fits a variety of holes

Of course this blow up doll has an opening which allows you to place different onaholes inside. The slot is 18 cms deep and about 8 cms wide, which will accommodate most of ToysHeart’s popular onaholes. You can use some lubricant or talcum powder to let the onahole slide inside more easily, but use it sparingly - you don’t want the onahole to slip out of the doll, of course.

Easy to clean, easy to store

The material used for Ai Mashiro is smooth and easy to clean. Use some lukewarm water, maybe some mild soap and she’ll be as good as new! When the material is dry, fold it and store it somewhere dark and dry - the final pack is small, and only weighs about 300 grams!


Total height: 77 cm
Total width: 92 cm
Bust: 75 cm
Waist: 57 cm
Hip: 88 cm
Onahole slot depth: 18 cm
Onahole slot width: 8 cm
Weight: 300 grams
Material: PVC
Made in Japan by ToysHeart
Includes free lube sample

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