Vaginal Trainer, Silicone Ben Wa Balls for Tightening Kegel Trainer

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Vaginal Balls Trainer Sex Toys Silicone Ben Wa Balls Vagina Tightening Kegel  Exerciser Vibrator Ball Women Adult Sex Product

Product instruciton:

This shrink vagina ball is a sex toy. It can be put into women's vagina to exercise vagina and strengthen the vaginal wall, female sphincter, pelvic muscle sensitivity and toughness!The products are made from three balls of different sizes and weights of the balls composition.Pure silicone material, green and comfortable.Depending on your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor to consider the suitability of the product, you can start using from a single ball, and gradually increased to double ball or double ball heavier.To solve the problem of female vaginal relaxation assisted by progressive exercise, and to bring you the most comfortable feeling.It's a professional shrink vagina exercise equipment.
Shrink vagina ball Working Principle:
It is a compact privacy vagina doubles specialist training, made according to the principle "Kegel exercise" exercises methods.Is designed for compact vagina and pelvic muscles, collection [pleasure] and [fitness]  products.

How to use:
Exercise is gradual, different stages using different shrink vagina ball.
The First stage uses the lightest single ball;
The Second stage uses heavier double ball;
The Third stage uses the heaviest weight double ball.

(1) To make it easier for theTOAMIball into the body,Before use, you can painted with a little of water-soluble lubricant on the ball side.But should avoid painting too much, so slippery hard to put into the vagina.
(2) Lying down at a slow speed, gently forced to shrink Yin ball into the vagina.If you feel a little bit difficult, you can try to gently lift and then into the pelvis, or lift one leg placed in a standing position would be easier.
(3) If you use double sphere, first place at the top of the ball into the body, but because there is a certain distance between the two balls.
When placed in the bottom of the ball,The bottom of the ball when into the the vagina,Vaginal muscles will be squeezed on top of the ball and difficult to access,
In this case, please take a deep breath and stay relaxed state.

Training tips:
From light to powerhouse exercise, make the vagina muscles gradually adapt to the  ball's weight .
2cm from the bottom of the ball should be kept with the vaginal opening, to ensure that the ball is pushed completely into the top of the pelvic floor muscles
Kegel exercises carried out in the process, such as walking, jogging, swimming or fitness.
At first use, may cause discomfort, please do not worry! This is due to the presence of vigilance body will gradually adapt after a few minutes.

Warm tips:
1.Please wash the ball before using for your health
2.Before using, add a drop or two of your favorite sex lube to the Balls

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