Thick Honki Jiru 360 ml

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The regular version of Honki Jiru is already highly concentrated, but Thick Honki Jiru is even less fluid.

One dollop will keep your onahole smooth. Honki Jiru translates as serious lube - in this case it is seriously thick! 

Stubborn Lube?

Translated literally, it would be pigheaded, or stubborn lubricant. All three versions of the Magic Eyes lube come in a bottle with a handy spout. Yet, the lube is so thick that it creeps out of the bottle slower than Heinz ketchup! You can squeeze the bottle and let a glob run out slowly, only to suck it back in.   
Thick Honki Jiru is very suitable for anal sex. When used in combination with a sex toy, it will not run out of the toy.
It is the thickest lubricant we have seen so far and you should definitely give it a try!  

Excellent for Masturbation and Sex Toys

This lubricant is purpose-made for special masturbation. If, for example, you do not always stay hard, or you would like to have a more intense climax, this extra thick lube is a good choice.

How to Use Thick Honki Jiru?

This is a very thick and highly concentrated lubricant.
 It is somewhat stringy, and while it is extremely soft initially, it is less smooth later on. 
The lube will dry a little, creating more resistance, and more stimulation. So this is perfect to slowly reach your orgasm. You can always add a little water to make it smooth again.

Thick Honki Jiru 360 ml Product Details:

- 360 ml bottle
- Extremely high viscosity
- Very smooth
- Odourless
- Transparent
 - Packaging: 65 x 200 mm
- Gross weight: 405 gram

Order a bottle of Thick Honki Jiru with your Magic Eyes artificial vagina and let yourself go!

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