Ben Wa Ball Silicone Kegel Vaginal Tight Trainer

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Adult Products Rose Silicone Vaginal Shrink Trainer Geisha Ball Sex Toys for Women Tightening Vaginal Exerciser

Function and Features:
High grade medical silicone material,no smell.
This Ball will train your vaginal muscle and pelvic floor, tighten your vaginal and sublimate your sexual relations.

Product Specifications:
Item Type:Vaginal Exercise Balls
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink and Purple
Length: About 140MM
Ball Diameter: About 35MM
Weight: About 75g
Package :1 x Rose/Purple Vaginal Shrink ball

How to use:
The First Step:
1. Wash your hands and your sex balls toy and dry the water off.
2.Spread Lubricant over the sex balls so as to put it into your vagina easily.
3.Hold the ball which near the silicone rope and lie flat and relax ,then enjoy yourself by putting it in.
Second, training Step:
1.Stand at attention, then relax your body and repeat several times.
2.Prevent the ball from falling while walking.
3.Prevent the ball from falling while Squatting for 30 seconds.
4.Prevent the ball from falling while going stairs.
Third Step,  the end of train:
1.Hold the silicone rope and draw the sex balls out
2.Clean it well and dry the water off and place it.

Warm tips:
1.Please wash the ball before using for your health
2.Before using, add a drop or two of your favorite sex lube to the Balls

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