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    N.P.G. stands for “Nippori Gift” and as you’d expect, this company operates from the Nippori District in Tokyo, Japan.

    N.P.G. was founded in 1979 and that makes it one of the oldest companies in the Japanese onahole market, and these years of experience mean they produce very high-quality products. They also haven’t become complacent: N.P.G. is still a forerunner in many ways. They are proud of what they make and will not take shortcuts or sell a sub-optimal product. Because of this, many of their products have become real classics: the Maria Ozawa, the Meiki 5 and the Meiki 6 are still very popular years after their initial release.

    In 2014 we went to Japan to see the craftsmanship with our own eyes. N.P.G. showed us the entire process, from initial design, to clay model to packaged end product, and we can confirm that they excel at their work.

    NPG Nippori Gift

    Many of N.P.G.’s onaholes are based on Japanese porn stars. Thanks to N.P.G.’s good reputation the adult actresses are eager to be immortalized by them. The box art often features beautiful photographs instead of the manga-art of many other asian adult toy manufacturers and several of their products even come with a little mini-poster.

    The N.P.G. onaholes are made out of high-quality material and often have two or three different layers. This way they can have a soft, skin-like layer on the outside and a sturdier, more stimulating layer on the inside. The external design is, of course, based on the real labia of the adult actresses!

    N.P.G.’s onaholes aren’t the cheapest on the market, but if you buy from this brand you know for sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth - AND you’ll finally be able to see what your favourite porn actresses look like behind the pixelated porn!

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    Ride Japan

    Japanese Local Brand.

    High Quality

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  • Toy's Heart

    Toy's Heart

    Toy's Heart has been in the adult entertainment industry since the nineties, and they have never once stopped developing and innovating! Toy's Heart is based in Japan and have a team of 50 people who work on all sorts of products. Toy's Heart is a very reliable company with a lot of experience, and every time they come up with something new we already know we're going to love it.

    Toy's Heart's products strive to be realistic, and the materials they use do a good job of replicating soft skin. Their special materials are completely safe to use, of course, and they are also virtually odorless and contain much less oil than some others. Their special FreshSkin material is also very easy to clean: rinse the onahole, give it a shake to get the moisture out and it will be dry after five minutes. The Fine Cross material from Toy's Heart is said to have a slight memory so it will adjust to your shape - who can resist a tailormade experience? The material does restore itself after some time, so don't worry about the tunnels permanently stretching out: next time you want to use it it'll be as good as new.

    Toy's Heart goes for high-quality simplicity, and while some other companies produce complex dual or even triple layer designs Toy's Heart still has a lot of excellent Onaholes with only a single layer.

    Because Toy's Heart insists on a very high level of quality their product development process is quite long: it can take up to a year for a product to finally be approved. For every iteration the texture, stretchability, shape and smell of the product are closely scrutinized.

    Every Onahole Toy's Heart makes has got its own personality: innocent virgins, standoffish schoolgirls, a bride on her wedding night, a playful seducing witch... They have it all, and more! Their lovingly designed packaging features art of these beautiful girls with an inviting look on their face. Often you'll see a glimpse of panties or exposed breasts, but some of them are much more covered up.

    For those of you who enjoy a tighter fit, or find many onaholes too wide, the virgin series deserves a recommendation. These masturbators are a little smaller than most and the Virgin Age Admission and Graduation both taper to an amazingly narrow 2mm! The aforementioned Fine Cross material ensures that these little Onaholes will feel like a virgin every time you use them.

    If we have to mention one downside of Toy's Heart it is that the outside of the onaholes are usually fairly similar and, if we may say so, boring. Compared to the beautifully designed packaging and intricate tunnels the outside of the onahole feels a little lackluster.

    However, this isn't a reason not to buy Toy's Heart products: the amazing materials, themes and affordability make this a brand you shouldn't skip.